About Us

We are a Husband and wife team that have had rabbits and guinea pigs for many years. We always wanted to provide our animals with the best treats and food we could, and believed buying branded or from well known shops we was doing just that. This however is not always the case. When you often look at what is in these shop treats you will often find ingredients that are either not suitable for rabbits or used as a filler with no health benefit to the rabbit.

We realised that if we was to give our pets the best, we would have to source and make our own. So that is what we did, we started growing our own forage and making our own treats. After making some for our friends to give to their rabbits we was asked to make more, and soon the word spread.

Now we make treats for small animals living all over the UK. All our treats are made by us in small batches by hand, this way we can ensure the great quality you expect from us. All treats contain ingredients that is not only good for rabbits but also has a health benefit.

We never use OATS and no artificial binders are used, more of this can be found on our blog.


Our 1st rabbit (8 years old)


Wife to Simba (8 years old)