New Website

When we first started selling our items we never expected the response and support that we did, so we want to say thank you to everyone who ordered, shared, commented and recommend us.

Because of the increase in demand it has lead us here; to having our own website. Not only have we created a website because you asked for it, but because by doing this we can invest more time and effort in creating new products.

As with anything new there may be teething problems, and ask that if you experience any you let us know so that we can deal with it. Not all the items we sell are on the website yet as we still have photos to take and other things to sort. You should however see a steady stream of new products being added, so keep checking back to see what is new.

We have tried to make the website as easy as possible to use. Now we know that when looking for items for your pet you want to know if it is suitable for them i.e; Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Degus. Which is why we have created a feature where if you put your animal type into the search bar, all suitable products will be displayed; this is an evolving feature.

We have also started this blog to provide you with news, new products and helpful advice and tips for your small pet.

Take a look around and enjoy x

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